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Z-Corp. Zombie

Identify the undead.

With all epidemics it is key to watch out for symptoms, and signs of the infected. Remember the best way to keep safe is to avoid the virus all together. When identifying an infected look for these symptoms.

1. Remember Zombies don’t feel pain, this means they don’t feel the effects of the environment on body parts such as the eyes. Look out for severe eye damage such as cataracts.

2. Like the corpse they are, zombies do not heal, if they take damage to the body it will not heal. Be aware of large open wounds with little to no bodily fluid seeping from the area.

3. Clothing can be another sign of the infection, zombies are mindless killing machines not caring about appearance or apparel. Keep an eye out for extremely damaged clothing or clothing that does not fit the situation, for example if you see someone in their nightwear in the middle of the street be wary.

4.Skin color can be your final clue, loss of circulation and skin rot caused by the environment will cause the skin to take a blueish-gray, or greenish-gray appearance. Remember as the body deteriorates speed of the zombie and appearance will very be careful.

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